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      2. Projects

        The energy-saving renovation projects completed by Hengtong in the previous year covered a wide range of industries such as building materials, electronics, automobiles, chemicals and public buildings, radiating from areas such as Guangdong, Sichuan, Jiangsu and Tianjin, with annual electricity savings of 7.3 million KWH, equivalent to approximately 2,628 tonnes of standard tonnes of coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 6,806 tonnes, with an average electricity saving rate of 39% and the highest electricity saving rate of 67% for the refrigeration plant room project and the lowest electricity saving rate of the project controlled at over 30%, with the return on investment all controlled within 3 years.

        Production process cooling

        We provide design, supply and installation of equipment and monitoring of the O&M management system for the process cooling and compressed air systems of the coating line in the production plant of this type of project.