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        A new method of energy conservation examination for fixed asset investment projects is coming. However, energy conservation examination shall not be started or put into use!

        The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently promulgated the revised Energy Conservation Review Measures for Fixed Asset Investment Projects, which took effect on June 1 this year, in order to improve the regulation of the total and intensity of energy consumption and further promote the rational use of energy in fixed asset investment projects.

        According to the measures, the energy conservation review shall, on the important basis of relevant policies, systems and mandatory energy conservation standards, conduct a comprehensive review of the energy efficiency level, energy usage and energy-saving measures of projects, guide and promote the selection of advanced technology and equipment for projects, and plan reasonable and feasible energy management mechanisms, so as to form strong support for the solid and orderly work of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

        Government-invested projects: the construction unit shall obtain the energy conservation examination opinions issued by the energy conservation examination authority before submitting the project feasibility study report.

        Enterprise investment projects: The construction unit shall obtain the energy conservation examination opinions issued by the energy conservation examination authority before starting construction.

        For projects that have not been examined for energy conservation in accordance with the provisions of these Measures, or have failed to pass the examination for energy conservation, the construction unit shall not start construction, and those that have been completed shall not be put into production or use.

        Focusing on the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”, Tianjin Hengtong actively undertakes the mission of the development of the energy industry in the new era. It is committed to the research and development and application of green and efficient refrigeration and fluid technology. With a number of patented technologies and the latest achievements in the field of global environmental services and the application of energy-saving technology, Widely serving large industrial enterprises, commercial buildings, data centers, public facilities and other types of government and enterprise units.

        234/5000 翻譯 Tianjin Hengtong’s business covers power system energy efficiency monitoring and operation, power system optimization and energy-saving transformation, and prefabricated efficient energy station integration. The core energy-saving products include DE intelligent frequency conversion pump, IPP full frequency ultra-efficient integrated refrigeration room, TOP intelligent full frequency efficient heat exchange unit, DE iFMS intelligent frequency conversion pump set and management system, etc., which has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, intelligent operation and maintenance, and controllable quality, and can provide users with standard prefabricated solutions. Up to an annual average energy consumption of 0.45kW/ cold ton (COP7.8), 30-60% energy saving, can achieve rapid installation, partial modular customized solutions to meet the specific needs of different projects, help partners to achieve the “double carbon” goal.