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        A new method of energy conservation examination for fixed asset investment projects is coming. However, energy conservation examination shall not be started or put into use!

        The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently promulgated the revised Energy Conservation Review Measures for Fixed Asset Investment Projects, which took effect on June 1 this year, in order to improve the regulation of the total and intensity of energy consumption and further promote the rational use of energy in fixed asset investment projects.

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        Application for alternative projects subsidized by Tianjin Special Fund for energy conservation and carbon Reduction started in 2023

        A few days ago, the application for alternative projects of 2023 Tianjin Special Fund subsidy for energy conservation and carbon reduction has started, including energy conservation technology transformation project, high efficiency equipment promotion project, contract energy management project, carbon reduction technology demonstration project and many other aspects. Tianjin Hengtong system energy saving transformation services, covering

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        Notice of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Finance on issuing the Implementation Opinions on Financial Support for Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality in Tianjin

        Tianjin financial support to do a good job of carbon peak carbon neutral implementation opinions In order to fully implement the major strategic decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and the work requirements of the CPC Municipal Committee and the Municipal government, According

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        Industry News丨Accelerate the development of energy-related technical standards in the energy sector and support energy-saving and carbon-reducing transformation in key areas and industries

        On 23 November, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the General Administration of Market Regulation (GAMR) publicly sought comments on the Notice on Further Strengthening the Implementation of the Updating, Upgrading and Application of Energy Conservation Standards (Draft for Comments). In the industrial sector,Accelerate the revision of mandatory energy consumption limit standards for

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        The road to green and low-carbon development in the infocomm industry

        The recently released Action Plan for Green and Low Carbon Development in the Information and Communication Industry (2022-2025) states that by 2025, the management mechanism for green and low carbon development in the information and communication industry will be basically improved, key breakthroughs will be made in energy conservation and emission reduction, the overall resource utilization efficiency of the industry will be significantly improved, and the ability to help the green transformation of the economy and society will be significantly enhanced

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