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        TOP Intelligent full-conversion high-efficiency heat exchange units

        Founded in 1934, Armstrong is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with manufacturing facilities in Canada, USA, UK, India and China. As a leader in intelligent fluid solutions, the company was unified in 2013 under the name Armstrong Fluid Technology Group in order to better serve its customers worldwide.

        Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianjin Hengtong, was established in 2018 as the sole agent of Armstrong in North China. With the unified brand image of TOP ARMSTRONG, the company continues to provide customers with the world’s leading full range of products and solutions for building HVAC water systems, integrated super-efficient refrigeration rooms, unattended heat exchange stations, skid-mounted process cooling water systems and other outstanding products.


        01Central heating


        03Centralized cooling

        04Water source heat pumps
        The role of the plate heat exchanger unit in a water source heat pump is to isolate the contaminated water part of the cooling tower, groundwater, well or river, lake or sea from the heat pump, while exchanging heat for the other water part.

        05Ice storage and cooling
        The use of energy storage air conditioning technology to shift peaks and fill valleys is conducive to increasing the load factor of the grid, solving the problem of load peaks and ensuring the safe and economic operation of the grid. The plate heat exchange unit can block the refrigerant from the rest of the system and isolate the pressure outside the ice (water) storage tank.

        06Waste heat recovery
        The plate heat exchanger unit can recycle the recovered waste heat and waste heat.

        07Pressure isolators
        Plate heat exchange units can be effectively pressure isolated in high-rise buildings, thereby reducing the operating pressure of equipment such as valves and heat pumps in the system, resulting in energy savings and lower operating costs.

        08Industrial applications
        Plate heat exchange units also have an excellent performance in the industrial sector: chemical, marine, metallurgical manufacturing, medicine and hygiene, food processing, etc. They are mainly used for waste heat recovery, process and equipment cooling, disinfection and sterilisation.

        Advantages of TOP ARMSTRONG intelligent heat exchange units

        01Intelligent automation equipment improves production efficiency
        The production of the workshop is carried out in accordance with standard processes using modern intelligent automatic equipment. The workshop is equipped with the main production equipment such as automatic pipe cutting machines, coherent cutting machines and automatic welding machines.

        02Advanced craftsmanship for high-end quality
        The TOP ARMSTRONG intelligent heat exchanger unit is 95% automatically welded, strictly enforcing national welding standards, while using the industry’s advanced spraying technology for anti-rust primer and fluorocarbon high-temperature baking paint coating, which can ensure that the unit is as bright as new for a long time.

        03A professional team creates the perfect product
        The whole set of units is designed from the very beginning, after the selection and system design is completed by professional technicians, the assembly drawing design is completed by BIM engineers, and modern intelligent automatic equipment is used, and the production is carried out in strict accordance with the standard process.

        TOP ARMSTRONG heat exchanger units preferably with DE intelligent inverter circulating water pumps, which can display instantaneous flow, head, power, current and frequency, and can be manually set for the values of flow, head and frequency 3 operating modes – constant pressure at the pump outlet, constant differential pressure at the remote end and constant flow. It can be set on site without sensors. DE pumps and highly efficient units are perfectly combined in the heat network system to achieve remote monitoring and fully automatic unattended operation of the heat exchange station.

        04Energy saving and consumption reduction due to advanced technology
        The TOP ARMSTRONG heat exchanger is a fully automatic and intelligent energy-efficient product that integrates heat exchange systems and thermal control, thermal regulation and thermal metering systems. The intelligent control system realises intelligent control of the primary and secondary heat networks according to the working conditions and changes in weather conditions, and finally achieves a balance between the heat supply and the actual heat load. It is the most ideal heat exchange equipment for central heating (heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water).

        The unit is composed of plate heat exchanger, intelligent frequency conversion water pump, make-up water pump, decontaminer, pipeline, valve, instrument, intelligent control system, etc.. It has high heat transfer efficiency, low resistance, compact structure, reliable operation, easy and intuitive operation, and is the preferred high-efficiency and energy-saving product.

        Features of the TOP ARMSTRONG high-efficiency intelligent heat exchange unit

        01Password recognition and fingerprint recognition to ensure the security of the heat exchanger unit’s operation.

        02Wireless uploading of Android data via the internet and online analysis

        03Fully automatic system maintenance reminders

        04Online storage function, one click to view operational data and information