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        Power system optimisation and energy saving retrofits

        Energy analysis, efficiency assessment, optimisation, system selection for the original power system, and your own power system retrofit according to your needs!

        01Direct sale
        Party A purchases the equipment directly from Party B.

        02Installment payments
        We invest and we make regular payments of principal and interest depending on the actual situation.

        03Energy contract management
        We replace, install and commission energy efficient equipment free of charge and the energy savings are divided between the two parties according to the actual situation of the project.

        04Energy leasing
        We install and commission the integrated equipment free of charge and Party B pays our energy costs. (Efficient assembled rooms can be quickly integrated and spliced to meet different cooling situations.)


        01Initial system selection

        02Secondary design deepening, linkage control

        03Three-dimensional simulation, integrated layout

        04Factory prefabricated, assembled on site

        Programme advantages

        01Best energy efficiency ratio in the industry

        02Save floor space in the pump room and plant room

        03Better compatibility with actual working conditions and design

        04Easier system implementation and on-site commissioning

        05Minimum total initial investment

        06Lowest lifecycle costs